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System Requirements:

Windows XP or higher, 100Mb free disk space

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Unlock your productivity potential with Macro Expert. With just a few clicks, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

Effortless and Seamless Use

No coding skills are required. Simply drag and drop the necessary steps to create your script, and the process recorder makes it even easier to get started.

Attended and Unattended Automation

While in unattended mode, automation is applied without any human intervention.

Frequently Asked Question

The free trial of our software is available for 21 days.

Yes! You will have full access to all the features and tools in your trial for 21 days – nothing is locked.

This may result in a false positive detection by some antivirus software, as RPA tools such as Macro Expert utilize interactions with other software on the system, which can be misinterpreted as malicious activity. However, we have taken measures to ensure the cleanliness of our product by subjecting it to thorough testing on VirusTotal, where it has been scanned by over 65+ antivirus applications.

Macro Expert is compatible with a range of popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and most chromium-based browsers.

It is necessary to install the Chrome extension if you wish to automate Chrome Browser. In Macro Manager, the installation process is simple; just click on Tools button, and select the menu item Install Browsers Extensions.

No! We won’t ask for your credit card, and you don’t have to worry about canceling before your trial expires to prevent charges.