Recording a macro

Building a macro by recording is the easiest way. All you have to do is start MacroRecorder and use the mouse or keyboard as usual to get your work done. Your activity will be captured and converted into a macro. Then you just play this macro to simply repeat the work.

  1. In Macro Manager, switch to the tab Macros, click the button on the toolbar New macro, then select the item Create a macro by recording keystroke and mouse activity.
  2. On the wizard page, type a name for the macro and an optional description, and then click the button Next.
  3. Determine the playback options. You can assign a hotkey to the macro here. Click the button Next.

  4. On the page Recording Scope, change the recording options as your need, then click the button OK to launch the Macro Recorder.

  5. Perform the task with the mouse and keyboard once, and then press the hotkey Stop or clicking the Stop button in the monitor window to complete the recording.

  6. A new macro will be placed into Macro List of the tab Macros after you stopping recording.