Building macro with Script Editor

Macro Script Editor is an easy-to -use tool for building automation tasks. It provides an intuitive interface where you just drag-and-drop actions from actions pane and place them in the sequence desired for execution.

First, Build a new blank macro

  1. In Macro Manager, switch to the tab Macros, click the button on the toolbar New macro, then select the item Create a blank macro for editing manually.
  2. Type a name for the macro and an optional description, and then click the button Next.
  3. Determine the playback options. You can assign a hotkey to the macro here. Click the button Next.
  4. Click OK.

Then, add actions

  1. In Macro Script Editor, you just drag-and-drop the action from the left pane to the right.
  2. Alternatively, you click the menu "Insert", then browse to the appropriate category, then select the action to insert the current line.

Edit an action

  1. To change a step, you just double-click the line.
  2. Alternatively, you select the line, then right-click, and select the menu item "Edit Action..."

Delete selected actions

  1. To remove a step, just select it, then press key "Delete".