Macro Packager

Macro Packager is a tool for converting macro scripts into stand-alone EXE's for distribution purpose. That does mean you have an ability to build your own application and copy it to other PC's over your local network or send to anyone for playing your macro.

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Macro Packager is an add-in to Macro Expert, and it cannot be used on the PC without Macro Expert installed. The final EXE file will discard all trigger items and schedule items attached on the macro, so that the converted EXE cannot play back the macro in the unattended manner.

Click here to download a sample.

Install and start Macro Packager

  1. First, make sure your PC has a copy of Macro Expert installed.
  2. Install Macro Packager.
  3. Open Macro Manager in Macro Expert.
  4. Switch to the tab Macros, and select a macro you'd like to convert.
  5. Click on the toolbar button Tools, select the item then click Convert to EXE... to start Macro Packager.

Wizard of Macro Packaging

Packager Wizard shows you building the EXE in just 4 steps.

Step 1: Startup page

You can add a startup page in the EXE for showing something at the EXE startup, such as who makes the EXE, the purpose of the macro and so on. You may also customize the EXE's icon in the page.

Step 2: Options and Extra files

If running your macro properly against some extra files, you have to package them into the EXE on this page.

Step 3: General Options

You may specify hotkeys for this macro to pause or stop the playback. You may also set the log level for the macro on the page.

Step 4: Playback Options

On this page, you can adjust the options of playback to control how to play the macro.

Step 5: Final page

Now, you just specify a full-path file name for the destination EXE, and then click the button "Build".