Frequently Asked Questions

Download and Install

We provide installers for our current products. Here are the download links.

In most cases, the download failure is due to network connection error. Please kindly check by following the below instructions:

  • Check the network connection, if it is not correctly connected, try to switch your network;
  • Switch to another browser;
  • Try to download the software again.

If you launch an online installer and experience issues with it getting stuck, this is usually caused by an unstable or poor internet connection. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  • Make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  • Quit the installation, then simply right-click on the installer and select 'Run as Administrator'.

You just download or copy the installation package into your new computer, then launch the installer to install.

Note: If your copy is not for online use, you will need to deactivate the license from the current computer. Please follow the steps below:

  • Open Macro Manager, select the icon Help, select About.
  • In About dialog, select Deactivate.

If the software has been uninstalled in the current computer without deactivation, you have to install it, activate it again, and then deactivate it.

If you need to uninstall the software from your computer, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Click Start->Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a program-> to uninstall it.

Note: If the software has been activated, you need to deactivate it before uninstalling.

  • Open Macro Manager, select the icon Help, select About.
  • In About dialog, select Deactivate.

License and Activation

To activate the software without Internet connection, follow these steps:

  1. In the register dialog, fill your registration information.
  2. Click "Activate", you'll get error message about connection, the software will ask you to activate offline, select "Yes".
  3. Offline activation dialog will show, and select "Get Application Data".
  4. Copy the application data into a flash disk, then goto a computer that has internet connection, open web browser and then navigate to
  5. Paste application data into the form and select "Submit", the page will show the confirm data if there is no error occrus.
  6. Copy the confirm data, and back to your computer, paste the confirm data into the dialog to activate your software.

Please click the link here to retrieve the license code. Kindly note that your order ID or the registration Email used during the software purchase is mandatory for this process.

To move the license to another computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Macro Manager, click menu "Help", and then select the item "About".
  2. In About dialog, select "Deactivate".
  3. Wait for the license deactivation process to complete.
  4. On your new computer, install the software and enter your license information to activate the copy.

Please click here to submit your order ID and new information.

For a single license code, multiple licenses can be associated with it, but each license can only be activated on one computer at a time. Therefore, if a license code has only one license, it can only be utilized on a single computer.

Please verify that you have downloaded the appropriate installer or installation package. Kindly note that if your license code is intended for Macro Expert, it cannot be utilized to activate any other software.

Purchase and Payment

We accept online payments such as PayPal, Credit card, Local Payment, Wepay, Alipay, linepay, Debit card, and Klarna etc. Accepted payments may differ according to different countries/regions.

If you are interested in the exact accepted payment methods, in your shopping cart, you can first select your Country/Region, and then the supported methods will be listed above.

To make the coupon code work, there are 2 conditions to be met:

  • It is still valid.
  • It has been applied to the correct product.

So please check the code you have meet both conditions. If you have confirmed both but still you can not enjoy the discount, please contact us for further help.

Usually, discounts are available when purchasing more than one item at a time. You simply need to enter the quantity you wish to purchase on the checkout page, and the discount will be automatically calculated. Occasionally, we also offer coupon codes that can be used to obtain discounts

Grass Software charges VAT for European Union countries, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.

Please refer to the latest changes in laws and regulations on the European Commission's official site. Starting January 1, 2017, European Union tax law changes apply to non-resident sellers of electronic services or digitally downloadable products/services.

And the latest changes in laws and regulations on Australia. Starting July 1, 2017, a new law applying GST to international sales of services and digital products applied in Australia.

And the changes in laws and regulations back in 2015 in Japan.

In order to be compliant with these legal requirements, Grass Software will start to collect a Value Added Tax (VAT) for all sales to shoppers in these areas. We collect the VAT rate of each individual country then remit the collected tax to the proper tax authority.

And please note that Grass Software now has legal VAT IDs registered in these countries and regions. Going forward, any transaction in EU/ United Kingdom/ Japan/ Australia will be charged VAT regardless of exemption status. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund VAT from an order that has already been processed. You will need to obtain a VAT refund through your tax authority.

If you purchased the wrong product, you will need to purchase the right product additionally, and then contact us to refund the wrong order.