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What is a Macro Recorder?

A macro recorder is au automation software that can records macros. A macro is a sequence of commands in an application that can be recorded or directly programmed to repeatedly execute this sequence, which can be replayed later as a "script". A macro recorder is actually a tool that can perform all the repetitive actions for you. The primary purpose of a macro recorder is to do the work instead of a human, namely using a macro recorder helps in reducing the manpower and helps in increasing productivity.

What are the features a macro recorder should have?

  • Recording mouse and keyboard actions
  • Auto Logging in for Launching applications
  • Auto opening documents and web pages
  • Auto running programs or commands in macros
  • Intuitive and extremely easy macros recording
  • built the frequent actions into a certain hotkey and automate repeated actions in macros
  • Variables and built-in trigger for automatic event processing in macro recording
  • Creating advanced automation tasks in scrilpt editor for specific needs
  • Launching macros automatically in task scheduler

Customer Testimonial

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