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Web Data Extraction

A wealth of data on many different subjects on the internet has become available online; the problem is how to extract that data from the web?

Usually, users retrieve Web data by browsing and keyword searching, which are intuitive forms of accessing data on the Web. However, these search strategies present several limitations. Browsing is not suitable for locating particular items of data, because following links is tedious and it is easy to get lost. Keyword searching is sometimes more efficient than browsing, but often returns vast amounts of data, far beyond what the user can handle. This is when Web Data Extraction comes into play.

What is Web Data Extraction?

Web Data Extraction is an information extractor which can automatically crawl, harvest or data mining. This uses to scrape data from websites, xml, database, pdf and text file, etc.

Why use Web Data Extraction?

The traditional approach for extracting data from Web sources is to write specialized programs, called wrappers, that identify data of interest and map them to some suitable format as, for instance, XML or relational tables. The most challenging aspect of wrappers is that they must be able to recognize the data of interest among many other uninteresting pieces of text (e.g., markup tags, inline code, navigation hints, etc.).

Web data extraction is the process of pulling information from designated internet webpages. If you know what you want and where to find it, web data extraction will help you retrieve it. This process can be saved and automated so that you can repeat the process and harvest data as it is updated and changed. Over time you can extract web data from multiple locations and save it to spread sheets or XML. After you have the data in this format the world is at your fingertips to present the data in any format that you see fit.

Why Web Data Extraction is special?

Web data extraction supports many sources and output formats. Its general approach to data gathering is harvest everything (links, text, images, etc.). And, then, let the user choose what is needed, yet so far it's not for high-difficulty level scraping.

Whenever you need to extract some typical data from multiple web pages, Web data extraction is the ultimate solution. Extract product pricing data, grab real estate data; arse Forex and stock market figures; extract book, song or movie information; gather news and articles on a certain topic; extract web content on hotels or car rentals in a given country; collect information from dating sites or job web-resources. Of course, you are not limited with the above; web data extraction perfectly works with any kind of web information and thanks to fine customization it can deal with any website whatsoever.

Web Data Extraction with Macro Expert

Reliable, highly automated, powerful web scraping software, Macro Expert is certainly a tool you need if your business is somehow related to web data extraction. Being a huge time-saver, this tool has probably the best value for money, plus you can try it for free! Web data extraction with Macro Expert is completely automatic.

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