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Automatic Data Entry

What is automatic data entry?

Automatic data entry is the use of automated methods of data entry that attempt to reduce or eliminate many of the activities required by traditional data entry methods which is a time consuming, error prone, and costly process, like automated data entry from this text file into the 3rd party application. It is basically the process of improving performance in existing business.

Automated data entry eliminates much of the effort and delay in the extra handling involved in traditional data entry methods and therefore the potential for error in duplicated entries.

What is traditional data entry method?

Traditional data entry method is the way of manual data entry that is a growing challenge for large corporations. A variety of skills are needed for data entry workers, including good listening skills, proper grammar, typing skills, and attention to detail. Data entry jobs also require workers to be available for a wide range of shifts and hours. Work is stationary, and most of the day is spent sitting at a desk and computer. Data entry requires focus and concentration, which can be mentally exhausting and physically challenging. Unchecked, it can lead to increased cost and business risk as data becomes increasingly incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent across the enterprise.

Enterprises hire lots staffs to manual data entry and also higher add management and task cost. Repeated data entry errors, data entry quality errors, customer data privacy and security exposure make manual data entry method hard to be main way in the enterprises.

What are the benefits of automatic data entry?

Its many benefits have made automatic data entry a compelling choice for many enterprises today:

  1. Reduce Costs

    Using automatic data entry improves cycle-time and flow-through delivery reduces core production costs. With the repeatable, reusable scripts, the enterprises permanently reduce data entry costs. Also the enterprises avoid the larger investments in systems integration and data migration.

  2. Improved Quality

    Automatic data entry makes the enterprises to increase data consistency and completeness.

  3. Improved Productivity

    Automated routines puts focus on intelligent scripting and supports growth in customer data entry load with significantly less than manual labor. Automatic data entry makes lower cycle-time and higher quality in the enterprises which enables core processes to operate at higher productivity.

  4. Improved Security

    Automatic data entry enables increased control and assurance of data transfer accuracy between systems.

Macro Expert makes automatic data entry!

Macro Expert is an automated data entry software that is a great time saving solution to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing folks, business people etc. Macro Expert is used because of its cost effectiveness; it contains accurate and complete data and provides quick availability of data. It is also easy to track operational trends and can support decisions.