Type emaill address by pressing one key only

The Internet is more popular than ever and the Email is becoming a necessity for every computer user. No matter whatever you do online, you're often under a condition of entering your email address into the box for posting a topic on groups, or subscribing newsletter and so on. You have to type your email again and agin, you could be bothered to do this sometimes, and it's a little waste of time and even inefficient for you.

By checking out the help document of Macro Expert, you will be noticed by the instruction "Put Text", and you are also known with Macro Expert supports playing a macro by pressing a hotkey combination. So we may use these to simplify email address typing.

Step 1: Creating an empty macro

Open "Macro Manager", click the menu "Script", and then choose "Create Blank Macro".

Then the dialog "Properties" pops up for asking some properties to the new macro. Here name the new macro as "Enter Email Address", and then click "Ok".

The program will ask you with the message "Do you want to edit the script now?", you choose "Yes" to edit the macro now.

Step 2: Inserting the action into the macro

After opening the script editor, click the menu "Insert", and point "Keyboard", then choose "Put Text".

After the dialog "Put Text" pops up, enter your email address into the focused window, for example, abc@abc.com. Here, you may tick off the option "Put text to the focused window via the clipboard" to speed up the speed of entering the text. Then click "Ok".

So, the action is successfully inserted into the macro, it's time to close the Script Editor now.

Step 3: Specifying a hotkey to the macro

Now the macro for entering the email address has been built, and the next step is to specify a hotkey for it.

Back to "Macro Manager", click the new macro named "enter email address" in the macro list, and then click the button "Properties" on the toolbar.

In the "Properties" dialog, switch to the tab "General", and goto the field "Hotkey for play back", and then press the hotkey you want, for example "Shift+Ctrl+E", and then click "OK" to save it.

Following these step-by-step instructions above, you have created a macro and assigned a hotkey to it. Now you may press the key combination "Shift+Ctrl+E" to enter the email address.