Windows Automation Tool - The Review With Macro Expert

The fact that you are looking for the best automation tool to improve your work efficiency proves that you are right. You had often had this feeling that you had endless tasks that needed you to accomplish in the required time. This made you busy and tired, and more, you started to doubt your ability for accomplishing the job. I had this same experience. I had always been busy for finishing my work being a clerk in a manufacture industry, and I had to repeatedly transfer the new data from the Excel document into other applications. I did this by manually and my work efficiency was very slow, also I had to spend most of my time to do this. Later, I had consulted a local expert and he recommended that I tried out at Macro Expert. As a user of Macro Expert for two months, I will give you my honest review regarding the software.

1. Quick and Easy Installation

I am quite sure you have had quite a bit of experience with other kinds of softwares, which have complex installation procedures and even more complex configuration management requirements. Well, I think it is fine for me to install Macro Expert into my computer without much trouble. There is also no computer skill requirement, and I am just prompted with a few questions about the necessary configurations during the setup progress. As a newbie, I just simply click "next" button on every setup page, as a result, the program will be installed with default options. With the simple user interface it has, I am sure it is a software made for computer newbies as well as professionals.

2. Easy to Record a Variety of Tasks

If you are like me, as a computer newbie, you are bogged down by so many menus and buttons. Is it then possible for me to be familiar with all these options? Absolutely not! And if you use Macro Expert, you don't need to be familiar with so many options either, because you can see the handy menu "I would like to? in the main screen. You just click the options you would like to do, and then you can record what you like to record.

3. Simple to Replay Recorded Macros

Before using this software, a local expert recommended me to simplify my jobs by using an automation tool that can easy to replay the repetitive processes. Unfortunately, being a complete newbie, I had no idea of how a program can do my jobs automatically. With Macro Expert however, my problem was solved. I simply set a hotkey for my recorded macro and when I want to replay it, I just press the combined hotkey. Since then, my job has been finished faster than before. If a newbie like me can use Macro Expert easily, there is no reason why you can't!

4. Create Task Scheduler

Before using any automation tool, I expect that I can create a program to finish any tasks at an appointed time without anyone operating it. Macro Expert will create managed macros to schedule tasks. In this program, every managed task can be scheduled to play back at specific time that it is the most convenient for me. With task scheduler, I can: schedule a task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at a time. This is indeed a very good feature and one more reason why I continue to be a loyal user of the software.

5. Create Task Trigger

I have to honestly admit I am a lazy person. Although there are so many convenient features in this software, I always expect more. I want this software to perform tasks when certain events occur. Fortunately, Macro Expert meets my demand, and by its service, every managed macro can be triggered. It means every triggered macro will be launched when some events happen, such as disk space is low, a removable driver is removed and much more. Now, I can take it easy when I leave my computer alone, because my computer can automatically record the data and transfer them into the application I specify once Windows starts up.

By downloading Macro Expert trial version, I tried it before I registered for the full version. With two months experience, I believe it is worth for me buying it. But I still recommend you do the same as I do (try-before-buy). Just download the trial version in the link below, and make sure that the software is indeed what you need. Refer it at