How to Automate Tasks with Macro Software

For those who don't know how macro software automates tasks, or whether or not they even have macro software, the simple answer is that you read this article and then you have a complete understanding of how macro software automating tasks.

Checking on the same sites, remembering passwords, submitting to search engineers, as well as testing web sites over and over again are the repetitive tasks for every web browser everyday. And filling forms, running programs at a certain time, playing games, as well as scheduling tasks every day are tedious repetition. Your task can be any one of those repetitive tasks. If one or more of these tasks are occurring every day, automating these repetitive tasks will help you to save your precious time and to improve productivity.

There are two main ways to automate repetitive tasks - record keystroke and mouse activities or edit script manually with macro software. Both of the ways can be saved as a macro and later it would be replayed by using any of these methods - hotkey, scheduler and trigger. Apparently, undertaking these tasks by recording keystroke and mouse activities is a simple way. However, the way can not complete those complex tasks unless the tasks are completed just by using keystroke and mouse activities, such as clicking buttons on a window. So for those complex tasks, there is a much easier and quicker way - edit script manually.

To begin using this way, you must understand what script editor is in macro software. Macro script editor is a tool for editing macro actions. Although a macro can be created by recording, however, the recording only captures the mouse and the keyboard activities. Therefore, for getting other complex actions, such as waiting for a window focused, you can use script editor built in macro software to edit these actions and automate to execute them later.

By using this way, you can automate any series of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply individual tasks, to complex business tasks and much more. At the same time, you can use macro software to easily create the tasks: checking email, moving or backing up files, sending email, and more complex automations, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, variables and other advanced options.

Now, you have known how macro software automates tasks. If you have not any one, you need to either download a free or trial copy from the internet, or purchase a copy of your chosen software. For recommendation, you can check the powerful macro utility - Macro Expert. Find out its official site at