Batch photo files rename - renaming a group of photo files at once

You have taken a number of photos since you have owned your digital camera. But one day when your friend asks you to send your photos to him/her by internet, you try to find some. Unluckily, you search for your computer over and over again in vain; you don't find one for there is huge number of files stored into your computer.

It must be a nightmare when you have many photos files with such kind of names. From the name, you don't exactly find what the photo or picture you want, for you can not remember what the photo or picture is. This is really a bad thing, why not to organize all your photo files with one rule? According to the case, or event, or date (time), or content, etc, you could sort your photo files into several kinds, such like Snow-1.jpg, Zoo-1.jpg, 01012007-1.jpg, Birthday-1.jpg.

Absolutely, with this idea, you can sort all your photos into a series of files with the event or scene that you are taking pictures of. Renaming each photo file manually is wasting time, but by using batch photo files renaming, you can quickly rename a folder of digital photos all at once. So what is batch photo file renaming? Batch renaming is a way to rename a large number of files in one simple step. Basically, you select a group of photo files (a batch) and tell your computer to rename them sequentially using rules you specify. Clearly, it is simple to save your time to batch photo files rename, and above all, you can store your photos order and well.

The example below shows a group of photo files which have taken the day of a friend's birthday and another day for visiting the zoo. Then, after copying all your photos away from the digital camera, and saving into your computer, you can batch photo files rename to include a date, description and number. The photo files become part of a sequence with useful names which are easy to organize. There are 30 digital photo files, in which the first 15 were taken at the friend's birthday and the others were taken in the zoo. You'll rename the first 15 files to identify them as being from the birthday, and the left 15 files as being from the zoo. So the first group of photo files batch rename as Birthday-07.04.2007-01.jpg, Birthday-07.04.2007-02.jpg, Birthday-07.04.2007-03.jpg...... The second group of photo files batch rename as Zoo-07.04.2007-01.jpg, Zoo-07.04.2007-02.jpg, Zoo-07.04.2007-03.jpg...... Surely, it's very clear to understand what the photo files are a few days later you open the photo files again.

Here, using the utility program named Macro Expert to shaw you how to rename this group of photo files taking on the day of the friends's birday and another day for visiting the zoo.

Step 1: Creating a blank macro

Open "Macro Manager", click the menu "Script", and then choose "Create Blank Macro".

Then the dialog "Properties" pops up for asking some properties to the new macro. Here name the new macro as "Batch photo files rename", and specify a hotkey for it. At the bottom of the property, choose a combined hotkey as "Ctrl+Alt+8" into the blank field. and then click "Ok".

The program will ask you with the message "Do you want to edit the script now?", you choose "Yes" to edit the macro now.

Step 2: Inserting the action into the macro

After opening the Script Editor, click the menu "Insert", then choose "File", and point "Rename File(s)".

Specified the source folder and the destination folder. Here you want to rename the folder Birthday under the path E:\picture\Birthday. So you specify the full path, and then click "OK". At the same time, you specify the source file name as "*.*". Ok, now you specify the destination folder name. You want to identify these birthday's photo files with others by giving the descriptive text,time stamp and sequence number. So you set the destination name as "Birthday-<m>.<d>.<y>-<n02>.<s>".If you don't understand the tags, please refer to the help of this program

Click "OK" to save your script. Now batch birthday photo files renaming have been finished, click the quick play button "" at the action window. You have seen the bithday photo files renamed, now the file names are Birthday-07.04.2007-01.JPG, Birthday-07.04.2007-02.JPG, Birthday-07.04.2007-03.JPG, etc. Now you can understand what these photo are, even days or months or years later, you still know them with these clear description.

Now, you can continue your zoo photo files renaming. Repeat the above steps. The only one different step is to choose the source file as E:\picture\Zoo and the destination name as "Zoo".

Now, you have understood what is to batch rename your photo files all at once and how to batch rename them by using Macro Expert. The more important thing is that you have known the advantage of batch renaming a series of photo files at once. Finding it to help you batch photo files at a time, refer it to the site at