Automate Web Browser To Perform Web Tasks

You have heard much about the world's entrance into the internet age, and have known that the web browser is playing an important role in it. With most of people using web sites and web applications every day, to automate web browser to perform repetitive web tasks is necessary.

Many web tasks - logging in email, clicking different sites, remembering passwords, writing some texts in a form and more, are repetitive operations when you use a web browser. Also many businesses face competition from those large enough to use the web as a promotional and marketing tool. And businesses are realizing the benefits of using services based on web technology, like sales order processing, centralized support, and payroll systems, etc. Many companies are using web technology in-house to support their enterprise, and colleagues are using web technology to share in-house resource as well.

With your use growing, there are more and more tasks performed based on web. But you have to face the fact that you are tired of repetitive tasks like visiting the same sites every day, filling out forms, and remembering passwords. A new approach to automate web browser to perform repetitive web tasks is required.

Macro program which automates web tasks by simulating user activity are capable of driving web browser. It is a tool that records what you do in Internet Explorer, analyses the objects you click on and fields you complete as you go. Macro Expert is one such tool. As you navigate through pages, click on links, select buttons, login to pages and complete fields, Macro Expert identifies the objects and builds a macro as you go. And also Macro Expert records web activity which can be played back accurately later. You can keep the macros on your computer for your own use, or share them with others by embedding them on your company intranet. Here are just a few example of how you can use Macro Expert to automate your web browser.

1. Automate filling form and remembering password. With Macro Expert, you no longer need to check the same sites every day, remember passwords, and fill out web forms. Once you operate these web tasks, Macro Expert automates to record the processes you go and store in macros. When you want to perform these tasks, you just replay macros you recorded. At the same time, the recorded macros can be easily edited.

2. Web Testing. With Macro Expert, you can use it for functional testing, checking whether links are alive or not, or checking whether functions respond or not, etc. In a word, the repetitive web testing can be done by Macro Expert. You just record the testing process and build a macro. The next time you need to do it, the entire macro will run at the click of a button!

3. Data transfer. Many companies share the most data in-house enterprises. At the same time, the data should be updated once one changes it. Using Macro Expert, you just build a macro for synchronizing a file which stores the data and put it on your company intranet. As a result, the data can easily be shared by all enterprise.

4. Web navigation. When opening several web sites, you find it is hard to navigation between them. Using Macro Expert, you can get rid of this trouble. You just use navigation option built in Macro Expert, and then it is easy for you to navigate between several web sites.

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