Use Macro Expert to Automate Data from Excel to The Website

Why do I emphasize transfer data from Excel to the website? Especially, I do mean it must automate to transfer data from Excel to the website. Well, I will give you a reasonable explanation later.

I worked in a bank as a bank clerk and I needed to transfer new data from excel to the bank website everyday before the bank closed. Normally, I would spend over one hour to transfer the new data everyday by hand. Although I did my task very carefully, and unfortunately, I had certainly made mistakes, more than once. And worse, I was warned by the head of the bank for my mistakes. At that time I was depressed, fortunately, I had continued to receive kind help from one of my friends, and he recommended me an automation software - Macro Expert. At one time it was doubtful whether I could get some help from this software.

Well, before using this software, I have to face the fact that I must copy the data from the excel document by using the keyboard and the mouse manually, and then paste them into the bank website for checking purpose. Generally speaking, I have no quarrel with my task in spite of repetitive operation again and again. But the bank today is under constant pressure to lower costs and improve overall operational efficiency, of course, I am also under this pressure to improve my work efficiency. In addition, I have already made mistakes while performing the task. Then I try macro expert.

By using macro expert, I actually can automatically transfer the data from excel to my website. I just edit a macro script step by step, and schedule it to automate transferring data at a certain time I want. Clearly, before I edit the script, I know every step I operate. It?s very important to edit a macro script. If I am not clear what I will do after one step finishes, I have no idea of how to edit the macro script. Macro Expert certainly does what I want after I edit the script: Open excel document, read the data from the excel document, and open the website, then put the data into the website I specify. Expediently, I set a certain time with task scheduler. When the time is up, Macro Expert automates to transfer data from excel to the website.

Now, by using macro expert, there are no more mistakes and no more boring data transfer manually over and over again. I am free to do other thing once I press the hotkey built for automating data transfer from excel to the website. If you have the problem like me, and if you want to lower costs and improve efficiency, download Macro Expert at