Open a Web page

Opens the specified web page in the default browser.


  • The Address(URL) Specifies the web page or URL that should be opened. The web page will be opened in the default browser.

  • Open method Specifies how to open the URL. It can be general, open in new window or open in new tab.

  • After opening Specifies whether to wait for the content of page to complete downloading.

  • Page name Specifies a name to the webpage, the name will be used in the webpage related actions to distinguish among several webpages.

  • Don't close connected page before opening If the target page name has been used and connected to a webpage, specifies whether to close the connected page before opening.

  • Open it in Microsoft Internet Explorer Specifies whether to open it in Microsoft Internet Explorer or the internal browserzs. Generally, the internal browser will give more performance.

  • Close page at end of playback Specifies whether to close automatically the open page when the playback complete.

  • Return URL into variable Specifies a variable to hold the actual URL after the page opened.


  • A script window may cause that player to suspend until a user responds it. To click the button automatically in the script window, insert an action "On Popup Window on Webpage" before the action.
  • The address can be any URL that is valid to the current browser.
  • For more information about timeout, please refer to "Timeout".