Text Search Based on Image

Searches a text on the screen, and then carries out a mouse move or click action. The text first will be converted into an image, and then the searching routine searches for the image in the specified area on the screen. If a match is present, the X and Y coordinates could be retrieved for the subsequent actions as well. Unlike the instruction "Image search", you just specify a string rather than a bitmap file.


  • Text to search for Specifies the text should be searched.

  • Font Specifies the font name, size and other parameters. These parameters should be consistent with the text on the screen, otherwise, the searching may fail.

  • Tolerance The tolerance setting determins how different the image searched for can be from the text image.

  • Search in a specified area Specifies the area for searching.


  • About the options after searching, please refer to "After Searching".
  • If the text does not locate in the area, the coordinates value -1, -1 will be returned, and an error will throw.
  • You may use the instruction "Image search" to retrieve the position of an icon, button, or other shape.