Image Search

Searches the specified image in the specified area on the screen, and then carry out a mouse motion at the position. The position coordinates value X and Y could be retrieved for the subsequent actions as well. It's very useful when you have to click on an unfixed position icon, button, or other shape.


  • Image file name Specifies an image which is stored in the bitmap format to search.

  • Key color for transparency Specifies the color value. All pixels that are similar to the color will be ignored during searching.

  • Tolerance The tolerance setting determins how different the image searched for can be from the chosen image.

  • Search in a specified area Specifies the area for searching.


  • About the options after searching, please refer to "After Searching"
  • If the image does not locate in the area, the coordinates value -1, -1 will be returned, and an error will throw.
  • You may use the instruction "Text search based on image" to retrieve the position of a string appeared on the screen.