Color Search

Searches for a pixel or color block of the specified color on the screen or in the window, and return the coordinates of the first matched entity. This action can be used in combination with mouse action to click on interface elements whose positions are not fixed (such as graphics, buttons, etc.). This action's function is similar to screen search image, but it is very suitable for searching which solid-color interface elements, and is much faster than the "Image Search".


  • Color to search for Specifies the color to search for. It can be taken directly using the grab tool below.

  • Match color value exactly If the target color will change slightly, you should specify the "Tolerance" to make a fuzzy search.

  • Tolerance Specifies the level of tolerance, with a minimum of 0 for exact equality, and a maximum of 255, which matches all colors. The specific number to use depends on different scenarios. Too large a number may lead to incorrect positions being found.

  • Color block width and height Specify the width and height of the color block to be searched. If it is 0 or 1, it means to search only one pixel.

  • Start position to search Specify where to start searching. For scenarios that require multiple searches within a region, this option can be used to conveniently specify the location of the next search. For example, there are two side-by-side graphics on the screen, and you need to find the positions of both, after finding the first one, you can specify X to locate the second one.


  • About the options after searching, please refer to "After Searching"
  • If the image does not locate in the area, the coordinates value -1, -1 will be returned, and an error will throw.