Get Text From Point

Extracts the text of the UI object that contains the specified point.


  • position is relative to Specifies how to calculate the value of the location coordinates, it can be one of the following:

    • Relative to the screen coordinates
      Absolute coordinates, start from the top-left of the screen.

    • Relative to the foreground window
      Relative coordinates, start from the top-left of the foreground window.

    • Relative to the current position
      Relative coordinates, start from the position of the current mouse pointer.

  • Position X Specifies the value of X coordinate.

  • Position Y Specifies the value of Y coordinate.

  • Text from Specifies how to gather the text. If the "Auto-Detect" is selected, Macro Player will compare the content in the name property of the UI object and the content in the value property, and then return the longer one.

  • Populate variable with result Specifies a variable to hold the result


  • Some applications use picture or other self-draw controls that may act like standard windows controls but dot support the interfaces required to communicate with them. This action will not work with these controls (UI objects).
  • For more information about the tab "Which Window", please refer to "Locate a window".