Loop Files

Loops through all of the files contained in the specified folder.


  • Source folder Specifies the folder that should be scanned for files.

  • Include mask Specifies the include mask. It can include multiple masks separated by semicolons(;). For example, the include mask *.txt;*.bmp; specifies to include all files that have the extension txt or bmp.

  • Exclude mask Specifies the wildcard mask to exclude the files from the loop. It can include multiple masks separated by semicolons(;).

  • Include folders Specifies whether to include the folders.

  • Include sub-folders Specifies whether the search extends to the sub-folders of the Source folder.

  • Match case Specifies whether searching is case-sensitive or not.

  • Store file name into (Optional) Specifies a variable that should be populated with the file name on each successive loop.

  • Do not include path (filename only) Specifies whether to return the path information of the file.


You could filter files based on the attribute settings of the source files. For more information, please refer to Attributes Filter.