Write Text File

Write the content to a plain-text file.


  • Destination file name Specifies a full-qualified name of the plain-text file(.txt).

  • Position for writing Specifies the position of writing. It can be one of the following:

    • End of the file
    • Beginning of the file
    • Specify the line number

  • Write content Specifies the content for writing.

  • Text encoding format Specifies the text encoding, it can be one of ANSI, UNICODE and UTF8.

  • Failed if destination file exist Specifies whether to write into a new file.

  • Truncate destination file With the option checked, the player will truncate the content of the file from the writing position, then writes the content.

  • Don not write new-line character With the option unchecked, the CRLF character will be placed the end of the content automatically.


  • For more information about the variable, please click here