Create a Microsoft Excel Document

Creates a Microsoft Excel file for writing.


  • Path name of document file: Specifies the full path name of the document file.

  • Password to open Specifies the password to open the document.

  • Password to modify Specifies the password to modify the document.

  • Show application when opening document Only for Microsoft Office, after opening the document the program main window will show if the option is checked.

  • Don't close document after playback With the option checked, the application will not be closed after playback.

  • Automatically save changes of document before closing it Specifies whether to save the changes before closing the document. The option is applied to the situation that there is no "Close Document" action after this action, otherwise, it depends on the option in the action "Close Document".

  • Don't overwrite file if it is existed Specifies whether to replace the existed file.

  • Document name Specifies name for identifying a document from others, other document related instructions will use the name to select an open document rather than the path name of the document file.


  • To create a Microsoft Excel document, Microsoft Excel program must be present in the computer before playing a macro.