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A Macro Program is a tool that allows you to create macros so that you can enter a single character or word to perform a whole series of actions. Some commands are repetitive in nature. For example, if you had to fill out the wage sheet with the thousands of workers for a huge company, you could store the worker's name/wage/address/phone/etc. And create a macro to fill in the information whenever you hit a specified key. It absolutely saves a lot of time by executing the macro instead of manually repeating the actions for you.

Here's a list of the main features of the macro program:

  • Mouse & keyboard recording
  • Variable file management.
  • Window actions that allow manipulating a window for Showing, closing, activating, resizing, moving, etc.
  • Internet - it's able to send Email, download a file from the URL etc.
  • Looping - playing multiple times.
  • Interface colorable - adjusting the hue and saturation of the appearance of screens.

Customer Testimonial

"Macro Expert will continue to save us money each year by automating the jobs we used to do manually. Like all companies, we constantly have to do more with less, and we can with Macro Expert."

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Current version:

Release date: 07/26/2022
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