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Note: Macro Expert provides the ability to quickly create macros by recording keyboard and mouse activity, but unfortunately, Google Safe Browsing frequently flags our site as containing "unwanted programs" based on this feature. So we have to provide a mirror location to download the installation files. For more information, see Google Safe Browsing.

Current version: 4.8 | 14.2Mb

Supports WinXP and later (32 or 64-bit)

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Macro Expert uses the techniques provided by Windows to monitor keyboard and mouse activity, but only when the user needs to create a macro by recording keyboard and mouse activity or use the shortcut or phrase to start the playback of a macro. We promise not to log any sensitive information, and any logged activities will be seen in the newly created macro. The recording process must be initiated by the user, and a progress window will be displayed during the process so that the user can control the process (pause or stop). But because of this, some security application will block it as malicious behavior, and you can use it with confidence. If your security application blocks it, you just need to whitelist it in the security application.