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Automation Software

What is Automation Software?

Automation Software is an automation utility that can automatically perform tasks instead of people to operate the keyboard and mouse. All in all, automation software is being used by people to reduce the costs and moneys. It is a way of reducing labor activities.

Why does Macro Expert call as automation software?

Macro Expert is au automation macro software that can allows you to record, build and replay windows macros which automate other software processes. These could be any task on your PC, automating simple and complex tasks across applications, like Excel automation, Web data extraction, Data integration/Data automation, and Screen scraping etc.

How does Macro Expert- Automation Software work?

A macro can emulate a user any windows application, this means almost any task you perform on your computer can turn into a macro; and a macro can be automated. When you want to do this task again, you just re-play the macro. This can be applied in repeated and tedious windows applications.

Who can use Macro Expert?

Macro Expert's friendly guide wizard makes it easy to use for both new and advanced users.

Business users, Users with no programming or IT experience

Users can use the model of "create a macro by recording keystroke and mouse activities" to record actions without writing scripts, automated task in minutes.

Database or Network administrators, Application Developers

Advanced users will enjoy the power of many action wizards, ability to create a script from the model of "Create a blank macro for editing manually". There are more 200 actions built in macro editor like Loops, Flow and Conditionals, Network etc.

Customer Testimonial

"Macro Expert will continue to save us money each year by automating the jobs we used to do manually. Like all companies, we constantly have to do more with less, and we can with Macro Expert."

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Release date: 07/26/2022
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