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Automated Data Entry

What is Automated Data Entry?

Most businesses encounter data entry requirements, like the operations involved a lot of repetitive keystrokes and copying and pasting of data from one form to another. This is costly and time consuming when it comes to manual data entry. So they are looking for ways that they could improve performance of the overall office operation with computers. Automated data entry is a way they look for - to enter the information automatically, like copying data from one window to another, or transcribing information from Excel or Word into a web form or other screen.

What is disadvantage of manual data entry?

This is important for two reasons: manual input is slow and prone to errors.

The manual process of data entry has many disadvantages in speed. Based on average professional typist speeds of 50 to 80 wpm, one could generously estimate about two hundred pages per hour for forms with fifteen one-word fields (not counting the time for reading and sorting pages). When factoring in the cost of labor and working space, manual data entry is a very inefficient process.

The second major disadvantage to manual data entry is that man easily makes errors. With so much textual information to enter, data entry workers inevitably make mistakes that can have big and sometimes disproportionate consequences. Examples of data entry mistakes include mistyping, misspelling, entering information in the wrong field, formatting information incorrectly or neglecting to fill in fields.

What is advantage of automated data entry?

Automated data entry can help improve the workflow and productivity of any office. Since it is entirely automated it reduces the chances for human error and can help lower overall costs as well. Using automated data entry can save your organization significant amounts of time and money. The time spent entering records manually will be kept to a minimum and transcription errors will be all but eliminated, resulting in higher quality information, allowing you to make better business decisions.

Instead of spending mundane hours entering data, you can simply rely on automated data-entry to finish the task for you in a fraction of the time. Automated data-entry is capable of understanding a variety of forms and entering information into databases with little to no mistakes. It does not require as much human input as manual data-entry would and is therefore cheaper.

Automated data entry with Macro Expert

We can use Macro Expert to require data entry and to inform users of any errors made in the data entry routine. We can also use Macro Expert to speed up the process of data entry. We can use a macro to remove the need for a user to enter the same data over and over for each record. We can use a macro to automate this process.

Customer Testimonial

"Macro Expert will continue to save us money each year by automating the jobs we used to do manually. Like all companies, we constantly have to do more with less, and we can with Macro Expert."

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