Effortlessly Automate Your IT Tasks

Macro Expert is a Robotic Process Automation software that can perform simple tasks such as backing up files and typing email addresses, or more complex ones such as importing data, application testing, and extracting data from the web. Macro Expert can do whatever you do.

  • Current version: 4.9
    For Windows, 32 bit or 64 bit, even XP

Over 1000 sites across 45 countries are running Macro Expert.

  • Break Away From Monotonous, Repetitive Work

    Routine business processes, such as checking inventory, updating customer records, or generating reports, can be tedious but are still important. You have to meticulously type the same text and press the same buttons repeatedly. Fortunately, with Macro Recorder automation software, you can transform these steps into a macro and let the program do the work for you. This will not only save you time and tedium, but also help avoid mistakes.

  • Automate Web-Based Tasks

    The web browser is one of the most commonly used software today, and many businesses and applications have transitioned to web-based systems. Macro Expert offers features to automate tasks when using a web browser, such as filling out forms, checking for new posts, submitting required information, and printing reports. This significantly increases your productivity while using the web browser.

  • Transfer Data Between Applications

    Macro Expert provides actions to read data from multiple sources, such as Excel documents, databases, web pages, and even application windows. You can quickly create a macro to read the data and enter it into the specified applications or web pages. Automated data entry can save you time and reduce tedium while eliminating errors.

  • Extracting Data From Web

    Web data extraction is essential for most businesses. Nowadays, businesses need the correct data for making accurate, effective, and reliable decisions. With Macro Program software, you can monitor a large number of news sources, blogs, and websites in real-time to see what people are saying about certain products or topics. The collected data can then be automatically stored in an Excel document or database.

  • Automate Software Testing, Web Testing

    Software testing is essential for the development of a variety of applications. Macro Expert is a comprehensive automation software package that offers numerous ways to interact with applications. Testers can quickly create complex test scenarios with no programming required by using the Script Editor or Recorder.

Customer Testimonial

"Macro Expert will continue to save us money each year by automating the jobs we used to do manually. Like all companies, we constantly have to do more with less, and we can with Macro Expert."